testimonial Rachele Patrigneli

Rachele Patrigneli, Senior Manager, Nelson Hall, 

Elim Park, CT



Prince of Peace Lutheran Church 

Largo FL

Parish Musician Emeritus 

Testimonial Dr. John Owen

Dr. John Owen, Kennewick, WA




Nancy Franck - Director of Music on Market, Wooster, Ohio

In 2014, Dr. Jeannine and David Jordan brought "Bach and Sons" to our Music on Market series (Wooster, OH) and the audience loved it!!! The combination of Jeannine representing the Bach women while David's video expertise allowed us to view the flawless work of Jeannine's  hands and feet at the organ was such a memorable experience it was decided right then, this would not be the last time we were to encounter the talent of the Jordans. This year MoM opened its fourth season with a return visit and their second multi-media event, "From Sea to Shining Sea". This is a story that weaves the history of America with the development of the organ. Jeannine and David interact seamlessly to present a fascinating and educational account of the organ's journey from Europe to America, resulting in Dr. Jordan's performance of Dudley Buck's Concert Variations on The Star Spangled Banner. We are already planning for their next visit --- whatever that may bring! 


video testimonial Trudy Fowlks

Trudy Fowlks Testimonial of Around the World in 80 Minutes   Who's on 3rd? Concert Series, Woodburn, OR


Ulla MUndil

 Around the World in 80 Minutes…
… the exciting title of this new show by Jeannine and David Jordan keeps its promise: as spectator and listener I was taken on a trip around the world that provided glimpses of the beautiful rolling hills of England and its Roman churches, majestic cathedrals in Paris, allowed me to feel part of a procession during Passion Week in Spain, invited me into Johann S. Bach’s Germany, took me into the somber atmosphere of a Polish orphanage during World War II .. and this was only the first part of the ‘trip’ that went on to Nigeria, Lebanon, Israel, Taiwan, Australia… the list goes on! The blend of carefully selected and masterfully played pieces of music and visuals that reflected the music and the characteristics of the countries – or that were simply entertaining and humorous – made the journey enjoyable, fun and unforgettable. This show will undoubtedly be a favorite for many! The organ shines in its seemingly infinite musical expression and potential – who associates ‘La Bamba’ with the organ? From now on – I will! When the journey is over you sit back and think: “I would like to do this again!”
Ulla Mundil 


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Gary Pinter

Coordinator of the  Parish Arts Series,  Organist and Choir Director  

Fairlawn Lutheran Church, Fairlawn, Ohio

As coordinator of our concert series, I can report that “From Sea to Shining Sea” was one of the best-received programs ever presented in our eighteen-year history; it was entertaining, educational, fascinating and inspiring. At its conclusion, the audience eagerly gave the Jordan’s a rousing, standing ovation.

Jeannine, appearing on the gigantic screen positioned at the front of the sanctuary, meaningfully tells of the organ’s arrival from Europe and its expansion across the USA; it was clear, enthusiastic and at times, humorous. Everyone’s attention, without exception, was totally focused on her story. Her facility at the keyboard and pedals was flawless; her musical choices – marvelous; and her registrations - superb.

She utilized every stop of the Holtkamp pipe organ, effectively demonstrating its versatility and power. David’s creative use of numerous cameras to project Jeannine’s hands and feet as she played, was perfectly coordinated with the music; the projections were extremely clever, alternating shots of the organ keyboards with pictures highlighting the pipe organ’s history in a new and developing country. One can only look forward with enthusiasm to the Jordan’s upcoming production of “Around the World in 80 Minutes.” Those who enjoyed this program won’t want to miss any of the Pro-Motion Music organ concerts.


Testimonial Bob Sult

Bob Sult, Chairperson Festival Concert Series, 

Port Huron, MI



 My name is Brennan  and I’m organist and choirmaster here at Church of the Advent in Spartanburg, South Carolina. I just listened to an outstanding musical experience. This was much more than an organ recital.  This was an educational experience, an entertaining experience. I just heard the most beautiful pieces played on this organ. It was just great to sit back and hear someone play that really knows her stuff, and David, who is passionate about visuals. They really work so well together, and to any of you who are reading/listening to this I would recommend you come and hear the performance of From Sea to Shining Sea.
                                                                                        Dr. Brennan Szafron


Testimonial Bob Kronenburger

Bob Kronenburger of akron, OH 

Testimonial of Around the World in 80 Minutes  

Testimonial Al Adcock

Al Adcock, Northwest Chrisitan Church, Columbus OH and Columbus AGO