around the world in 80 minutes

The background

We’re standing under the Eiffel Tower. It’s a penetrating fog, almost drizzling. Heavy drops of water trickle down the iron behemoth.  We just came from Saint-Sulpice, and the sound of Heaven on Earth is still resounding in our ears. Ah....but it’s time to head to a new station, board the train, and travel to the home of Johann Sebastian Bach.  

Our newest concert is Around the World in 80 Minutes.  Created and performed by organist and narrator, 

Dr. Jeannine Jordan and David Jordan, media artist, it is a fast-moving live organ and multi-media experience.  The concert features unique global organ repertoire by native composers performed by Dr. Jordan.  Lively anecdotes take you to remote places around the world.  Enriching and engaging multi-media including live camera projection and spectacular visuals created by David Jordan complete the experience.  Around the World in 80 Minutes is as exciting as it sounds. 

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Explore the world through incredible organ music, lively anecdotes, and stunning visuals all brought to life on a cinematic-sized screen for maximum audience engagement and enjoyment.

around the world in 80 minutes trailer

All images from our live concert