Bach & Sons

“The fascination of Bach and Sons is the blending of various artistic elements
into one story. The expertly historically informed organ performance of
Dr. Jordan, who also continually weaves the story together through the
narrative  of the women in Bach’s life create an experience that
you will remember forever.”


Hear and see what Glenn Rodgers,
 Director of Music for First United Methodist Church of Moorsetown NJ,
has to say about their experience with Bach and Sons.

Glenn Rodgers
Director of Music
First United Methodist Church
Moorsetown NJ

Alan Chambers Director of Music for First United Methodist Church in Warsaw Indiana says:

"We brought the Jordan’s in for our performing arts series and we couldn’t be happier…
they’ve been a pleasure to work with…  the program is phenomenal …
it’s got some of the most incredible music ever written on the King of Instruments."


Michael Bedford
Organist Choirmaster and Composer in Residence
St John's Episcopal Church
Tulsa OK

Martin Gigler sub-dean of the Fort Wayne Chapter of the American Guild of Organists,

"This is a most wonderful program.  It is a most wonderful way to preserve and bring to life the music and life of one of our most treasured composers, Johann Sebastian Bach. We’ve had students at our program today as well as lay people and organists. The reaction and response has been overwhelmingly positive. We need more of this kind of program for our society to hear. Famous composers such as Johann Sebastian Bach need to be brought to life. We are so grateful for having this program today. And well, come again."


With our live camera feeds, you will see
  • The organists hands and feet closer than If you were sitting in the front row
  • The women important to the Bach family as they tell the story
    • Maria Barbara explaining the Choir Loft incident
    • Anna Magdalena describe the joys and challenges of raising 11 children
    • Catharina the daughter who was faithful to the very end
    • Sara Levy whose family created and financed the Bach legacy for us to experience today
    • The places they lived
    • The churches and courts in which they worked and performed

"Well played by Dr. Jordan.
interesting and helpful.
Everyone should see this program when it comes to a town near you."
Paul Richter, organist, Portland, Oregon

"Bach and Sons is a treat for any Bach lover and an eye-opening experience for anyone just discovering him.  Bravo!  I had a tremendous experience
at your world premiere." 
Noel Lumpkin, Anchorage, Alaska

 Bach and Sons

It is not so much that the story of JS Bach hasn’t been told, but it has never been told from this perspective and in this way. 
  • presents new insights into the life of Johann Sebastian Bach and his family through the eyes of those who were closest to him
  • is not a dictionary interpretation of the person behind the music but an insight into the human being and what he went through to create the music he made
  • is more than an organ concert as you travel with Bach and his sons through the trials and tribulations of the challenging life they shared  
    For example
    • Johann Sebastian Bach was so upset that he shredded his bassoonist's clothes with his sword! 
  • is a story that gets more dramatic throughout the years in the Bach family.  Come, see, and hear what made Johann Sebastian Bach the phenomenon that he was and still is.

  • feels like you are participating in the places and times that influenced these incredible musicians.

  • tells the stories and showcases the organ music against a continuously changing backdrop of creative visuals by David Jordan
  • gives each audience member a front row seat through the use of live cameras projecting Dr. Jordan's playing to a large screen.  You are now part of the concert, joining forces with the organist as her feet dance and race over the pedals, her hands exact singing notes from the keys and pull stops creating the myriad of sensations from the voices of the organ.

  • is a must see, actually, a must experience event

We use Live Camera Feeds projected on a cinematic screen.
Each person in the audience can experience the
thrill of watching the organists' feet and hands as the music is performed.

"One might think of Bach's music as being just fugues and toccatas but it also consists of beautiful listenable melodies and harmonies that Jeannine plays with feeling and pleasing tonal selections.  The narrations and music explore the Bach family story and we hear the music and discover the inventor and perfecter of music of the western world through Bach and Sons."  .....Bill Gregory, organist, Gleneden Beach, Oregon

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Rodeheaver Series
First United Methodist CHurch
Warsaw, IN

St. John Lutheran Church
Fort Wayne IN 46802
Sponsored by
Fort Wayne Chapter American Guild of Orgnaists

SW Jersey Chapter of the American Guild of Organists
First United Methodist CHurch
Moorsetown, New Jersey

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American Guild of Organists
St John Lutheran Church
Salem Oregon

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First Congregational Church
November 21, 2010

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