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Welcome to Pro-Motion Music where we celebrate the world of the Classic Organ its people, its music and its instruments.  At Pro-Motion Music you will find all sorts of fascinating things to pique your interest:  visit our blog, read the interviews, consider our events or browse our printed and recorded music.  Learn how Dr. Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, is sharing the great music of the organ with the world.

Thanks,  Jeannine and David Jordan

"On The Heels of an Organist" is a labor of love and joy written by Dr. Jeannine Jordan. She spent 40 years "on the bench" accompanying, playing for weddings, funerals, services, and even at a roller rink. As a Concert Organist she has played throughout the world. Needless to say, her stories are many, diverse, humorous, poignant and astounding.  Want more? Click here

Organ and media events and concerts are what we enjoy doing most.  Jeannine Jordan, concert organist, believes strongly in the promotion of the classic organ and in sharing the great music for that instrument with the world.  Her many concerts  worldwide have helped convince people that the value of the organ and the music written for it have a timelessness that must be promoted and endowed for the future.  A need for true sustainability of the arts.

Dr. Jeannine Jordan is an ambassador for the organ as an instrument and an art form. Her concerts will take you from listener to participant in heart and soul.

Combining the state of the art instrument from the 1500s (the organ) and the state of the art technology of the 21st century (computers, cameras, projection equipment)  make our organ and multi-media events a true experience. Something you won't want to miss.
To Book a Concert with Dr. Jordan please click here.

Our great excitement in late November 2010 was the  World Premiere of Bach and Sons in Anchorage, Alaska.  Receiving rave reviews, Bach and Sons, our new organ and multimedia concert  celebrates the life and organ music of Johann Sebastian Bach and his sons.  The story of these fascinating musicians is narrated by the women who were important in the lives of these great composers. Click here for more information

From Sea to Shining Sea is a phenomenal organ and media event which has been enthusiastically received by organists, historians, artists-- and people who appreciate all of the above. Click here to discover  more

The organ and media events listed above are programs we have performed throughout the United States in venues from churches to civic auditoriums.